The History

The oldest tavern in Bellinzona

The origins of Ristorante Corona are lost in the mists of time but digging into historical archives and medieval chronicles we discovered it was originally known as Albergo della Corona.

Documents dating from the XV century have been found proving the presence of the Visconti family at the old Albergo as at the time, Bellinzona with its castles and most of Canton Ticino was part of the Duchy of Milan.

More recent, so to speak, is the historical testimony of painter Emanuele Riva who was in charge of the renovation of the facade of "the oldest tavern in Bellinzona".

On that occasion, historical sources state that the facade was renewed "with the style of the XV century, to preserve the memory of the period when the ancient tavern was reopened". This proves that the origin of Albergo Corona must be sought further back in time.

After 1860, the old tavern begins to be known as restaurant and the name Ristorante Corona becomes common in the 1980s.

With the aim of carrying on the legacy of Ristorante Corona, the current owner obtained the property in 1992, adding almost 30 years to this intriguing story.

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